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1/100 pictures of flaming minho

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JongYu's Cute ufo replied :D

  • Fan: Oppa you have to marry me
  • Onew: ^^ I can’t
  • Fan: Let’s get married!!
  • Onew: ..
  • Jonghyun: No
  • Onew: He says I can’t ^^
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Q Is it possible if kibum get pregnant bc of minho? (Anonymous)

yea… i heard Key was actually a girl :-/ It’s one of SM top secrets, so don’t tell anyone!!!

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Q I think this person reposted part of your gifset: 76868686. tumblr. com/post/95908650049 (Anonymous)

ahhh… why they do that =__=”

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Key about TaeTiSeo

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the first moment i saw you
my eyes flashed, mind stopped.

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10 things I hate about you A story of every Closet Blinger’s worst nightmare.
(メ`ロ´)/ Your dumb muscles 
No.2 ヽ(`⌒´ )ノ Your dumb face 
The jawline ಥ_ಥ 
No.4  The voice that makes me emotionally unstable (╥_╥) 
No.5 The stupid things you say -_____________- 
That tongue *~* 
Your general state of being
No.8 Silver!Jong
When you try to be sexy >….> and succeed without warning.
Your natural cuteness we’ve come to love so much.
Thanks for ruining my life. I love you, you hideous nipple ♡ 

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Q Which one you like better? Debut minho or the current minho? (Anonymous)

The current minho of course. I think everyone do too. No???

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#replies #I wasnt minho fan since debut #I only liked him since he started become more open #after dream team to be exact #i like that side of him #please never come back to debut minho #otl #Anonymous
Q Wdyt of toheart as minkey shipper kekeke (Anonymous)

You mean what I think of wookey or what I think of toheart unit?

Anw, about Wookey, I think they are like good friends with lot of common interests, they have same circle of friends and hang out a lot, they send each other pics of their airport outfits and ask for opinions… They both seem to treasure this friendship a lot and as a fan, I’m glad that they could find such precious friend in this music industry. The same to their toheart unit, such chance of promoting with your best friend, as you might know alr, only comes once in your life, I’m glad that they were able to experience it ^^

As a minkey shipper… umm… there were times i do feel slightly threatened by Wookey (more like jealous of kkk) but at the same time, I’m already familiar with it as it’s not the first time Key shows his intimate with someone-who-isn’t-minho. I mean like.. both have their own circle of frds, Key has his 91 line and Minho has his Kyu-line n soccer hyungs. As long as they come back to each other at the end of the day, then i’m fine :D

You know…. minkey is not exactly the best-friend-kind-of-couple but more on the ‘frienemy’ side…  They are not the type who would call each other “my Bum my Bum” “my Ho my Ho” but those who’d curse n call the other with ugly names… which is their charm in my opinion xD so….

And honestly… if I cared too much about who they hang out with, I wouldnt be able to ship them till now :))

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why do i stan you again

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✗ favorite jonghyun quotes 

favorite jonghyun quotes 

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