dumb joon strikes again

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I live for the night
I live for the lights 

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bumkeyk: 뭐야 이중독성있는 멜로디는 (what is this addictive melody)

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Q sorry if this question is so out of place but do you know that minkey fan fic where they are writers and onew is key's roommate. there is a lot of sex... I read this before but I couldn't remember the name :( (Anonymous)

sorry for late reply ^^ and it’s ok, I’m always willing to help keke.

I’m pretty sure you’re talking about this fic "Tell me a story" by kinkitup.. but really I would not call it a minkey fic :))

I dropped it half way to be honest (after realizing minkey will not be tgt no matter wat…) n not even sure if the author finished it or… anyone minds to tell me what happened ^^;;

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SHINee; Elite Force AU (FANMIX)
[EXO Version: PART 1/ PART 2]
“I’ll take the mission. Me and my team will handle it.” Kibum said after he had done reading the details about the mission, he was so determined that there was no doubt in his words, not even the slightest.

“No Kibum, you can’t. I won’t let you and your team to handle this mission, it’s too risky.” Minho replied calmly as he examined a few documents on the table.

“I knew it, I knew that you would say the same thing all over again. The same rejection that you always said to me. But I won’t let it slip this time, because for your information, I have all the right to take the mission, I have Juggernaut under my command.”

“You can’t, because technically you’re still under my command.”

“This is ridiculous -Kibum scoffs- Why can’t you trust me and put a little faith on me? You have your own team and I have mine, I promise I won’t put the mission in jeopardy.” Kibum stiffened a little, he just didn’t understand why Minho always turned down his will to handle the mission on his own.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you…..” Minho sighed, finally putting the documents aside before staring at his lover’s eyes.

“Then what?”

“It’s just that I don’t want to put your life in danger Kibum, because I care too much about you.”
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*takes a break from doing nothing* ah i really deserved this

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Blue night radio 14 / 07 / 27

  • J: It's easy to lose earpieces, and it's not easy to find them, when I lived in the dorm my underwear always go missing, they go missing after a while, so after that I don't live in the dorm anymore, and I live with my family, can't even count the number of underwear I have to buy in a month, they get mixed up with more people. Lip gloss sticks go missing easily too, have you guys finished using a whole lip gloss before? I always lose them, I've bought more than 100 lip glosses.
  • Cr : human-lock
  • Tr : cosmicsticks
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Q You are such a beautiful person~! <3 (Anonymous)


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